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Travis Scott says he didn’t know fans were injured during Astroworld’s performance

(CBS News) – Travis Scott says he was unaware that an event involving multiple victims was taking place while he was performing at his Astroworld festival. Scott met radio host Charlamagne Tha God for his first interview since 10 people died during the event on November 5.

“I didn’t even know the exact details until a few minutes before the press conference,” Scott said. “At that point, you are kind of like what? You just went through something and it’s like what? The thing is, people pass out. Things happen during concerts. But something like that?

As Scott performed, hundreds were injured and 10 people were killed in a wave of crowds at the festival, authorities said. Scott and festival organizer LiveNation face dozens of lawsuits in connection with the tragedy.

Scott said the organizers told him through his headset that they were going to stop the show once the guest finished their set, but didn’t tell him why they were stopping. “They just told me that right after the guest exited the stage, you know, we’re going to end the show,” Scott said. ” And that’s what we’ve done. Now, other than that, there was no other communication.

Scott also said he did everything he could on stage. “Everything I do physically – of course, yes,” he said. “You just wish you could have done something better. But standing there 1,000%. “

Does Scott feel responsible?

When asked if he was in charge of the concert, Scott said he was only in charge of the creative aspects of the festival but left all other details “to the professionals” – referring to the organizer of the event, LiveNation.

Scott, however, said he feels responsible for making sure fans stay safe during future performances.

“I have a responsibility to understand what happened here,” Scott added. “I am responsible for finding a solution. Hopefully this takes a first step in us as artists with more insight into what’s going on.

Did Scott’s music play a role in the tragedy?

In a civil action against Scott, plaintiffs argued that Scott’s music had “instigated chaos and mayhem at past events” and Scott and other organizers instigated “a riot” by encouraging spectators to do so. rage.

Scott said he didn’t believe his music was responsible for the injuries.

“Rabies – it doesn’t have a definition in the manuals, but in concerts we’ve developed it to just be the experience of having fun,” Scott added, pushing back. question that rabies might make it more difficult to identify danger in a crowd. “It’s not, just, to harm. It’s not about that. It’s about letting go and having fun. Help each other, you know, love each other.

His reaction to families refusing his request for funeral expenses

Scott has since pledged to cover the funeral costs for every life lost at Astroworld. Many families rejected the offer, but Scott called it “understandable.”

“They are in mourning and trying to find understanding. They want answers and this is not about it. I will always be there to want to help them, ”he said. “I just wanted to make sure they knew I was there.”

Scott said he had had personal conversations with the victims and their families, but didn’t want to talk about them to respect their privacy.

“I’ve been through different kinds of emotions, emotional roller coasters, I mean,” Scott said. “It gets so difficult because, you know, I always feel connected with my fans. I went through something and I feel like the fans went through something and people’s parents went through something. And it really hurts. It hurts the community, it hurts the city. There were a lot of thoughts, a lot of feelings, a lot of grieving, and I just tried to figure it out. “

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