A Labor of Love Leads to a National Leadership Job for a Dedicated NH DOJ Staff Member | Press Releases

Concord, NH – Attorney General John M. Formella is proud to announce that Lisa Lamphere, coordinator of the New Hampshire Victim Compensation Program and Address Privacy Program, has been elected President of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards (NACVCB) in Washington, D.C. Lamphere’s peers from state crime victim compensation programs across the country elected her to the position of national executive at the NACVCB’s national conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

“While I was proud to hear the news from Lisa, I was in no way surprised. She is a true leader in her field, and absolutely dedicated to helping victims of crime,” said AG Formella. “When her peers across the United States have questions about victim compensation, Lisa is the person they turn to for advice.”

Founded in 1977, the NACVCB encourages the exchange of information and ideas through a national network of victim compensation programs. The Association provides better methods of serving victims of crime through various training and technical assistance activities, helping its members to establish sound administrative practices, achieve financial stability and engage in awareness raising. , effective communication and advocacy.

“Recovering from violence or abuse is hard enough without having to worry about how to pay for the cost of medical care or counselling,” Lamphere said. “By connecting with peers across the country through the NACVCB, we have been able to share and develop best practices. These connections ultimately improve New Hampshire’s Victim Compensation Program, as well as similar programs across the states. United, and thereby improve services to crime victims across the country.”

Lamphere first came to the New Hampshire attorney general’s office as an intern at Notre Dame College. Eventually, after starting her career at McLane Middleton law firm in Manchester, Lisa opted to return to the AG office for a career in public service. She would then spend 14 years as a paralegal in the consumer protection and civil affairs offices. During this time, Lisa developed a passion for working with victims of crime, which ultimately drew her to victim services and her current role as coordinator, a position she has held for a dozen years. now. Lisa is also a member of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect and the New Hampshire Sexual Assault and Nurse Advisory Board.

“The New Hampshire Victims Compensation Program provides substantial financial assistance to victims of crime and their families; and, while no amount of money can erase the trauma and grief suffered by victims, this help can be crucial in the aftermath of a crime,” Lamphere said. “By paying for care that helps restore the physical and mental health of victims and replacing lost income for victims who cannot work, the compensation program helps victims and their families in a direct way.”

Victim compensation can pay for a wide variety of expenses and losses related to criminal injuries, sexual assaults or homicides. This program assists with medical care, mental health treatment, funerals, lost wages, security systems, travel costs to receive treatment, moving expenses, reimbursement for clothing or bedding held as evidence by the police during a sexual assault and the removal of tattoos or identification marks of human trafficking.

From January 1 to March 31, 2022, the Victim Compensation Program paid out $152,760.31 in crime-related expenses to victims in New Hampshire.

Below is an overview of the total payment of crime-related expenditures over the past few years:

Calendar year Total Claims Full payment
2021 464 $742,371.73
2020 476 $612,256.86
2019 635 $860,034.85
2018 573 $732,663.78
2017 544 $700,728.55
2016 528 $685,029.62
2015 410 $468,559.89
2014 566 $778,738.28
2013 432 $642,325.22
2012 428 $733,174.11

For more information on the New Hampshire Victim Compensation Program, click here.