Acid attacker shot by police in Bangalore after trying to flee

A fugitive defendant in an acid attack case was reportedly shot dead by a police team escorting him into the city from neighboring Tamil Nadu on Saturday, after he assaulted the police chief in an attempt to get himself escape.

When police cleared relief, Nagesh (34) allegedly attacked Mahadevaiah, tied to Kamakshipalya police station, intending to flee at around 1.30am as they approached Kengeri here, it was reported the police.

After warning him several times, the police inspector opened fire and the bullet hit Nagesh in the right leg. The two injured were rushed to hospital.

Nagesh, on the morning of April 28, had attacked a 25-year-old woman working in a gold finance company with acid outside her office, when she refused to accept his marriage proposal.

The victim is currently being treated at a hospital here and is believed to be out of danger. The state government decided to cover his medical expenses.

Sharing the details of Nagesh’s arrest, Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said he was arrested on Friday night in Tiruvannamalai.

”He had gone to Tiruvannamalai on the very day of the crime, as he believed that people go there after committing a crime or mistake of penance, and started living there wearing saffron clothes. He was not using a cell phone, laptop, electronic card or anything that would reveal his identity,’ Pant told reporters here.

The commissioner said that unable to find him, the police decided to put up his posters in all major temples in different parts of the country and in those he frequented. Subsequently, they received a call sharing information about a person resembling the accused present at the scene, and the informant shared his photo.

The police team that was in Tiruvannamalai tactfully asked Nagesh to reveal his identity and then took him into custody. Pant said: “There is enough evidence in the case, we will file an indictment soon and ask the court for a speedy trial.” With a confused mind after the incident, Nagesh had even planned to kill himself by jumping into the lake near Hoskote, on the outskirts of the city, he added.

The commissioner further said that a case was registered at Kamakshipalya police station here and senior police officers followed the case daily and arrested the accused within 16 days.

Accused and victim lived in the same building 7 years ago, during which time he tried to befriend her, but she objected and his family arranged for him to move out .

According to the information available, the accused had a friend residing in the building with whom he also had business relations, and it was through her that he obtained all the information concerning her.

”We learned from the investigation that he used to stalk her and upon hearing that the family were preparing to marry off the woman, he became restless and desperate and had unsuccessfully tried to convince his family to meet his uncle and aunt,” Pant said.

Realizing that the victim and his family would disagree, he decided to attack him with acid and bought him on April 20 from a lab by misusing the header and the email from a janitorial company, where he had previously worked, the commissioner said. During the investigation, it was also discovered that in 2020 the defendant purchased acid using a similar method, but did not use it at that time.

On April 27, Nagesh again attempted to meet the woman with a marriage proposal at his office, but she ‘outright rejected it’ and his office manager also warned him.

On April 28, he again went to the woman’s office and attacked her with acid and escaped from the place.

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