Capchase integrates with Stripe – ThePaypers

US-based non-dilutive capital provider Cap-hunting announced its integration with the financial infrastructure platform Bandaged.

Stripe customers can now access Capchase’s non-dilutive funding solutions, including Capchase Grow (recurring revenue funding) directly through the Stripe App Marketplace without having to switch between platforms.

With Capchase’s services, SaaS companies can access capital on a recurring basis while eliminating the traditional fundraising process. Typical Capchase customers invest capital in funding customer acquisition costs, key business hires, and subscription fees with the ability to pay only for the capital they use.

Capscore, wholly owned by Capchase, helps companies forecast revenue for the next 12 months and make it available for immediate use, fueling growth initiatives without diluting founder ownership.

Capchase was founded in 2020 and has registered over 3,000 companies in 10 countries across North America and Europe, making over $2 billion in funding available. The company has also launched a series of strategic partnerships to further increase access to non-dilutive capital for growing businesses, including with AWS, Mercury, Techstars and Baremetrics who all offer Capchase services to their customers.

Stripe tracks the transformation of B2B payments

Stripe has entered into a series of partnerships with European digital transformation, lending and digital banking operators over the past two months to boost B2B transactions, from automated reconciliation, simplified returns and refunds, full integration of platform and universal acceptance of payment methods.

Along with its recent product upgrade, the company has also partnered with Revolut to support payments in the UK and Europe, and UK digital transformation expert Amdaris to provide a solution for integrated payments. and financial services.