It’s no secret that procurement is a complicated process to follow. As a result, visibility becomes increasingly cloudy, leading to a greater loss of control, sometimes exacerbated by misunderstandings between the purchasing organizations and the various vendors involved. Organizations are now moving from traditional, time-consuming procurement processes to a moreRead More →

Members of the Pasquotank Sheriff’s Office will undergo additional training over the next year. Pasquotank commissioners voted unanimously earlier this week to spend nearly $ 21,000 on CALM approach training with Texas-based Con10gency. Sheriff’s assistants are already expected to attend real-world de-escalation training in January, which commissioners approved in SeptemberRead More →

Prosciutto typically comes from the hind leg meat of a pig, while bacon comes from the pork belly. These are different cuts of pork but can sometimes be interchangeable, depending on the meal. Bacon needs to be cooked before eating to get that perfectly crispy bite, while prosciutto doesn’t needRead More →

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) have a lot in common. They are both pre-tax accounts that you pay money into, which you then use to cover healthcare costs. This can range from a copayment on a doctor’s visit to a box of bandages. But they don’tRead More →

Major automakers Volkswagen, Stellantis and GM will use lithium extracted from geothermal water to produce batteries for electric vehicles. The method has a much smaller ecological footprint compared to lithium production in salt deserts and mines. Volkswagen, Stellantis and General Motors (GM) have signed agreements with lithium producers Controlled ThermalRead More →

Rijswijk Center for Sustainable Geo-energy, geothermal laboratory, The Netherlands (source: TNO) Netherlands-based TNO presents a case to reduce CO2 emissions from geothermal heating to make it a more sustainable alternative to natural gas Although geothermal heating has 90% lower CO2 emissions compared to natural gas boilers, it is still notRead More →