Education has been the number one priority for Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, both during the election campaign and as he prepares for his transition to Executive Mansion in Richmond. Youngkin has pledged to raise teacher salaries and rebuild crumbling facilities, keep schools open throughout the ongoing pandemic, and eradicate “critical raceRead More →

Mr. Editor: For US counties, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology publishes a Living Wage Calculator (, updated annually. The calculator describes the “living wage” as “the minimum income standard which, if met, draws a fine line between the financial independence of the working poor and the need to seek publicRead More →

Economic news for Saturday, January 1, 2022 Source: 2022-01-01 People can spend well in 2022 with these tips Take savings seriously in 2022 – Financial expert Checking your spending is the best way to get financial immunity Save at least 6 months of your income against rainy days ToRead More →