County Approves Funding for Additional Training at Sheriff’s Office | Local news

Members of the Pasquotank Sheriff’s Office will undergo additional training over the next year.

Pasquotank commissioners voted unanimously earlier this week to spend nearly $ 21,000 on CALM approach training with Texas-based Con10gency.

Sheriff’s assistants are already expected to attend real-world de-escalation training in January, which commissioners approved in September at a cost of $ 9,000.

CALM training will take place over two days at a cost of $ 7,500 per day. Travel and accommodation costs for up to four instructors will cost close to $ 6,000.

CALM is an acronym for Communication, Active Physical Control Maneuvers, Lateral Recovery Restraint, and Monitor.

The training will focus on the use of lateral recovery compression. LLR is a trademark technique that was designed as an alternative to a law enforcement practice of kneeling on a resistant suspect.

The LLR method allows a suspect to be screened without the need to kneel on an individual’s back or neck, which inhibits airflow.

The training will also include verbal de-escalation and communication training that MPs can use when dealing with unarmed suspects and training on a team approach to positive control of the scene by MPs.

Con10gency is led by Rick Smith, a 27-year retired police veteran, and the CALM program was developed with the help of experts in different fields.

“This (program) has also been put in place by legal experts, doctors and others,” said Major Aaron Wallio of the sheriff’s office.

The LRR position is a way for Members of Parliament to put an unarmed suspect in a position after a physical confrontation that avoids putting weight or pressure on a suspect’s face, neck, chest and shoulders. It also allows a suspect to recover from the physical exertion of running or fighting the police.

“You don’t have to use impact weapons like a taser or anything like that,” Wallio said. “Again, it’s used to reduce injury. It’s a new tactic.

The active physical control maneuvers will teach MPs to use control techniques, gentle hand techniques and pressure points, Wallio said.

Soft hand techniques are when a deputy uses minimal force with his bare hands to guide, hold and restrain – by applying pressure points – to a suspect with minimal risk of injury. The training will include a classroom and practical work.

The commissioners also voted unanimously to spend $ 37,832 to purchase a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTD for emergency medical services.

It will be used as an additional rapid response vehicle for a paramedic chasing an EMS unit during a call.

“It will help us with logistics,” said EMS operations manager Jamar Whitaker.