Fees for 50% of seats in private medical schools should be on par with governments: NMC guidelines

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued guidelines that fees for 50% of seats in private medical schools and reputable universities should be at the same level as fees in government medical schools in the state.

“The benefit of this fee structure would first be available to applicants who took advantage of government quota seats, but limited to 50% of the respective medical school’s total sanctioned enrollment,” the memorandum said. of the office published by NMC.

He noted, however, that if the government quota seats were less than 50% of the total sanctioned seats, the remaining applicants would receive fees equivalent to government medical school tuition, based solely on merit.

Currently, fees at private medical schools are set by the state regulatory authority for merit seats. However, after the implementation of the National Medical Commission Act 2019, the NMC imposed framework guidelines for the determination of fees and other charges for 50% seats in private medical institutions as well as in reputable universities.

Significantly, NMC stated that no institution should charge capitation fees in any form or manner. “For the determination of fees for MBBS/PG courses, it must be ensured that the principle of ‘not-for-profit’ education is strictly adhered to,” he said. The government, however, has yet to issue a gazette notification regarding the bureau’s memorandum.

“Therefore, it is necessary that, although all operating costs and other operating and maintenance expenses of the institution to provide medical education on a sustainable basis be covered by the fees, no excessive expense and no element exorbitant profit should only be allowed to be added to the fee,” he said.

NMC said the decision was made after extensive consultation. Earlier, an expert panel formed by the NMC recommended a total of 26 broad guidelines for setting fees in private medical schools and reputable universities. These recommendations were uploaded to its website in May last year, inviting public comment.

“A reconstituted expert committee, constituted on November 21, 2012, by NMC, reviewed 1800 reposts and submitted the revised draft guidelines. The recommendations of this expert committee were accepted by NMC at its meeting on December 29, 2021,” he said.

In its recommendations, NMC also pointed out that due to the Covid-19 pandemic over the past fiscal year, most colleges had to suspend physical classes. “…while some expenses such as hostel upkeep, mess expenses and others directly related to students have decreased. On the other hand, hospital operating expenses, salaries, overtime pay have increased,” he said. Therefore, the NMC recommended that the Government Fees Regulatory Authority may take into account the average audited financial result of the previous three years, with an appropriate adjustment for inflation.