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Sat 19 March 2022



Many companies, big and small, stubbornly argue that buying a car for business is a good thing. But others are the other way around.


Owning property can be one of the reasons for buying a company vehicle. This camp does not see them taking out a car loan or buying the vehicle outright as a problem.

Another camp preferring leasing also has equally strong reasons.

Buying generally requires a higher upfront cost than leasing, and moreover, the value of your vehicle will depreciate over time, making your investment less valuable.

Both sides have more reason to argue, which shows that there are pros and cons to buying and leasing company cars.

Despite the differences, the strategies will have no effect on employees and businesses until they are implemented.

Companies that don’t have a car usually adopt a refund policy. It requires employees whose car is also used as a business vehicle to submit gas purchase receipts as a requirement for reimbursement.

In reality, however, it is common for employees to not present receipts because they are hidden or lost, putting them at a disadvantage.

For businesses that own a car, whether leased or purchased, providing a transportation budget is a must as the car needs gas and maintenance costs. When it comes to travel expenses, they also adopt a refund policy. The problem is that the exact amount of the budget cannot be controlled because it is difficult to detect whether the car is used for business trips or personal business.

The use of the method can however potentially disrupt the financial balance of companies because the transport bill is unpredictable.

It is therefore undeniable that inefficient travel costs are increasingly becoming a central problem when it comes to the need for company vehicles.

Is there any other alternative solution to the problem to consider?

Let’s take a look at ride sharing service companies.

Millions of people are already accustomed to using this type of transport.

Car sharing service is becoming popular among passengers as it provides sensational driving experience.

When they use the ride-sharing service, they feel like they are driving their own personal car.

People’s growing familiarity with ride-sharing services prompted Gojek to come up with GoCorp.

Specially designed for companies, GoCorp can be one of the VTC services that can meet the need for safe and comfortable professional transport for employees or company actors.

. (Courtesy of GoCorp/.)

GoCorp has additional values ​​that companies can harvest. Companies that adopt the GoCorp system can not only control the maximum budget limit for transportation usage, but also allow decision makers to monitor employees, mobilities, and expenses as it is equipped with a specific dashboard. As GoCorp has no maximum or minimum budget spending limit, it is suitable even for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need to support the mobility of their employees. All Gojek transportation services are covered by GoCorp Payment such as; GoCar, GoRide, GoCar L, GoRide Protect+, GoCar Protect+.

With a system to control the maximum budget limit for transportation usage, GoCorp provides a solution to the transportation spend inefficiency problem that many businesses face.

Amanda Parikesit, head of Gojek Marketing Transport, says using GoCorp helps business owners reduce their operating costs. It can also even remove maintenance costs from companies that own or operate commercial vehicles.

GoCorp can also serve as an alternate transportation distribution allowance for employees each month.

Businesses leveraging GoCorp can also organize and monitor service usage through the GoCorp portal, as all move transactions are automatically recorded and presented in real-time by the system.

In addition, GoCorp also periodically produces business travel data and information.

The report can be used to evaluate the business, especially with regards to increasing the operational cost efficiency of the business.

In addition to helping reduce operating costs, such transactions can also save companies the potential risk of employee misuse of the facility.

If they find any obstacle in accessing the service, GoCorp users can contact gocorp-support@gojek.com for the best solution.

The administrator can provide access to one or more employees simultaneously.

The information required for registration is the name and telephone number of the employee registered on the Gojek application. Once the registration phase is complete, employees can access GoCorp services by filling in the original destination and the next destination and selecting a vehicle. The vehicles available for selection are GoRide, GoCar, GoCar Protect+, GoRide Protect+. Then, employees can simply select the GoCorp payment method.

To access the detail of the expenses of a business trip, employees can consult it via the History of reservations function.

There is no need for employees and business owners to worry about the availability of fleets and partner drivers, as the Gojek service is supported by millions of partner drivers across 162 cities and regencies in through Indonesia.

However, users must change the payment method to GoCorp to use the GoCorp service, employees must first be registered by the company administrator.

By using Gojek for your transportation needs, you can enjoy a smooth pick-up experience at strategic locations in airports, terminals, stations and shopping malls with the implementation of Gojek instant booking, so no waiting time is necessary.

Security feeling

To increase consumers’ sense of safety in the COVID-19 pandemic, Gojek imposes a number of health protocols on partner drivers.

The protocols include an obligation to wear a mask and are already vaccinated.

Gojek has launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for partner drivers in 130 cities and regencies where Gojek operates.

The vaccination campaign aims to give users a sense of security and also to support the government vaccination campaign launched since January 2021. Apart from this, Gojek also provides Verifikasi Masker (mask check) and Ceklis Protokol Kesehatan (checklist health protocol)

Through the features, users can know the health status and cleanliness of vehicles operated by diving partners.

Are you interested in using GoCorp? If so, learn more and register via the GoCorp website (gojek.com/gocorp).