Governor announces Disaster SNAP benefits approved for Kyians in 14 counties affected by tornado

Governor Andy Beshear announced that SNAP Disaster benefits have been approved for Kentuckians who live or work in 14 counties affected by tornado storms from December 10 to 11, and two more counties are pending to be added in the near to come up.

“We really appreciate the additional help from the federal government to ensure that our families in Kentucky who have lost so much can have access to healthy food at this time,” said Governor Beshear. “When you’re wondering how to rebuild your home and your life, you shouldn’t have the added burden of worrying about your next meal. “

A Disaster Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or D-SNAP waiver, has been approved by the US Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service.

Applications can be submitted from January 5, 2022 for short-term food assistance for individuals and families living or working in Caldwell, Christian, Fulton, Graves, Hart, Hickman, Hopkins, Logan, Lyon, Marshall, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Taylor and Warren Counties.

Kentuckians residing or working in Barren and Marion County will have the opportunity to apply at a later date.

D-SNAP provides food assistance to low-income households experiencing food loss, income loss or damage from natural disaster. Approved beneficiaries of D-SNAP will receive an Electronic Benefit Card (EBT) to access it. The card is used as a debit card to purchase food at most local grocery stores. Due to the unique needs of disaster survivors, D-SNAP uses different standards than normal SNAP. While you would not normally be eligible for the SNAP program, you may be eligible for the D-SNAP program if you incurred any of the disaster related expenses below:

• Home or business repairs
• Temporary accommodation costs
• Evacuation or relocation costs
• Home or business protection
• Disaster-related bodily injury, including funeral costs
• Loss or lack of access to income due to the disaster, including reduced, interrupted or delayed receipt of income, for much of the benefit period
• In some cases, the loss of food after a disaster such as a flood or power outages.

Residents who are currently receiving SNAP benefits can request and request a replacement of benefits due to power outages and other impacts. Any SNAP beneficiary can apply for replacement benefits whenever food purchased with SNAP benefits is destroyed due to a domestic disaster. Some recipients may have already received replacements automatically. Replacement requests must be made before January 10, 2022.

For assistance, call the Department of Community Services call center for D-SNAP at 1-833-371-8570, the fastest method to receive benefits. Applications will be received by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST. Applications can also be made at DCBS offices in eligible counties.