How much does a slot machine cost?

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Well, as in most cases, it depends. Depending on the store and the slot machine, the prices can vary considerably. It can range from less than $100 to thousands of dollars.

To see the exact price, let’s look at manufacturing expenses and what to expect when researching the final product.

The evolution of slot machines

Since their inception, slot machines have changed dramatically, becoming more technologically complex in over 100 years. If the cost was not so high at the beginning of the 20th century, things are very different today.

However, that’s not the only change; over time, the increased return rate from 3% to 45% today. All of these changes had a significant impact on the overall price of a slot machine.

How much does it cost to manufacture a slot machine?

First, the price of the slot machine frame or cabinet can range from $500 to over $2,000 depending on the materials used to build it. This price is high because it also includes a power source, sound system, card reader, switches and lights.

Another essential part is the LCD screen; Compared to other parts, this one shouldn’t cost more than $300. Additionally, you’ll need a VGA converter to connect the display to the built-in game card, which should cost upwards of $100.

The next crucial piece of equipment is called an integrated game board. It is a computer system dedicated to iGaming; it includes a motherboard, memory system, processor, and input and output devices. This piece costs between $100 and $1,000.

You will also need an I/Q evaluation board which can cost up to $200. And finally, the gaming software, which is by far the most expensive, starts from $3000 and can only go up.

What is the price range of slot machines?

As we have seen before, the cost of making a slot machine can be much higher than you might expect. But keep in mind that companies that make this type of product have much better deals on components since they buy in bulk. For this reason, they can be much cheaper in some cases.

Nearly a dozen professionals websites have real slot machines for sale. Game experts analyzed each of them to ensure that the offers were genuine. The price range for an individual pitch has an average price below £500.

However, remember that some are not designed for use in a land-based casino environment. They are strictly built for people who want to have one.

In contrast, professional slots specially designed for casinos have the lowest price of around £500. Still, they can go up to £25,000.

Are online slot machines for sale?

Well, it’s more complicated than it looks. Online slots are really just software. The studios that develop them negotiate a price with the casinos. Also, iGaming platforms usually get a bundle of games from a specific game provider.

With this in mind, online slot software is not for sale to individuals who wish to own it, as game providers generally have a B2B business model.

However, one can contact a game provider and maybe acquire the demo mode of a game. But it all depends on your negotiating skills as it is by far a long shot.

How much does an online slot machine cost?

It depends, and no one knows for sure since game providers offer multiple slots in one package. Before acquiring them, the total price must be negotiated. So, the only way to know the price and acquire online slots software is to start your own iGaming platform.

To start an online casino, a business or individual needs at least £100,000. This price includes website development, payment method providers and games. However, the cost is only an estimate, as other expenses may appear along the way.


The wide range of price variations of slot machines is mainly attributed to their financial performance. One-armed bandits represent between 70% and 80% of revenue from land-based casinos. And for iGaming platforms, that number is roughly the same, with slight variations.

If you are indeed interested in acquiring a slot machine, always keep an eye on the materials that have been used to manufacture it and the software it uses. A well-made device will always work no matter how you store it, and a lesser device will most likely break after a few rounds.

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