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ATLANTA, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IntelliTrans, the global leader in multimodal solutions that optimize supply chain operations for bulk and bulk product manufacturers, discusses recent railroad service disruptions Class 1 which resulted in lost revenue and additional transportation costs for shippers. The National Grain and Feed Association estimates that grain industry losses will exceed $100 million in the first quarter of 2022. Recently, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) suggested short-term measures to address these issues, but many shippers think these measures are not enough.

“Today, due to the Railroad’s Precision Scheduling (PSR) and focus on improving operating ratio, railroads are struggling to manage the increased volume as well as network disruptions,” said Ken Sherman, president of IntelliTrans. “Many in the rail industry blame the pandemic and staff reductions, but in the five years leading up to the pandemic, rail service providers cut operational staff by 25-43%. The results have been very impactful. Railroads have slashed their operating budgets so much via workforce reductions and idling locomotives that the industry has reached critical service challenges.

Last week, the STB considered several short-term measures to improve rail services. According to an article in FreightWaves, “The board, the railways and rail stakeholders are under pressure to address difficult issues that could affect more broadly how the railways run their operations. These questions also touch upon the long-term health of rail freight and its viability in a transportation industry geared towards an automated future.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told the STB: “There is not a single step available to deliver ideal freight rail service overnight. The Federal Infrastructure Act enacted last year is a historic opportunity to transform freight and passenger rail transportation for the better.

However, the answers to the problems are just as complex as the problems. The STB wants to require Class 1 railroads to submit rail service improvement plans that include the workforce needed and expected recovery times.

“Shippers cannot offload significant portions of their rail shipments to the trucking industry because the volumes are simply staggering,” said Brian Cupp, Chief Operating Officer, IntelliTrans. “Additionally, roads would become too congested, trucks would be less environmentally friendly and securing truck capacity in the currently tight market may be more costly.”

Technology can help solve problems in the rail industry by automating transportation operations, including visibility into transportation management and managed transportation services to augment the workforce. IntelliTrans has over 25 years of experience in the rail industry, providing managed rail transportation services to monitor, manage and automate freight rail services. For one customer, IntelliTrans was able to reduce the size of the rail fleet by 5%, despite an increase in sales; key customer inventory was reduced by 50%; and an issue where an average of 90 misdirected or lost cars/month was resolved.

IntelliTrans offers freight management, strategic planning, tactical execution, in-transit tracking, freight bill audit and payment, advanced analytics, transportation management, yard management, reporting and supply chain visibility backed by a team of experts who work with customers to help their businesses work smarter, faster and better. Interactive dashboards make it easy to understand large amounts of data. Advanced analytics reveal deeper answers through machine learning to help businesses make more informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

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