New Gilbert Service Fee for Garbage and Recycling Begins in July

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Gilbert’s Environmental Services Department is introducing a new fee structure for customers requesting additional waste, recycling or bulk waste collection, container maintenance and appliance pickup.

The new one-time service fee was approved by Gilbert City Council in February and will take effect July 1, 2022.

This new pricing structure is designed to more evenly distribute the costs associated with performing these additional services.

New Gilbert service fees for garbage and recycling begin in July reports az

Missed pickups

If our crews miss a garbage, recycling, or bulk litter pickup, the city will reschedule another pickup at no additional cost. Report a missed pickup online at

There will now be a $50 fee required for Gilbert crews to return and collect unplaced trash, recycling, or bulk waste on time during regular resident pickups.

Customers also have the option of waiting until their next scheduled pickup day to avoid paying for additional service.

dirty cans

Residents can now trade in dirty or smelly recycling bins or cans for a cleaned and pressure-washed container for $59.
The city will continue to assess and repair or replace broken cans as needed at no additional cost. Report a broken or cracked can online at

Micro household appliances

Major appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, water heaters and air conditioners are not accepted in Gilbert’s bulk garbage collection program, but can be recycled for a fee.

Residents can schedule to have up to two devices picked up for a travel fee of $16 during their bulk trash pickup week or $85 for requests made outside of their bulk trash pickup week .

See a breakdown of all services and fees below.

Find more information about trash and recycling at

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