Nicor ​​Gas shares energy saving tools, simple tips to help customers save money on “National Day to Cut Your Energy Costs”

Nicor ​​Gas invites its customers to mark “National Day to Reduce Your Energy Costs”, by taking advantage of simple tips and free tools to make small changes in their home that can lead to big savings during the holidays. cold winter months.

Almost half of the energy in the house is spent on heating and cooling. It is therefore important that customers ensure that their systems are kept in top working order. Here are some simple tips to consider if you own or rent your home:

• Regularly replace the air and furnace filters; most filters should be cleaned or replaced every 60 to 90 days. A clean filter will allow the system to operate more efficiently.

• Open window coverings during the day to allow sunlight to heat your home naturally, and close the curtains at night to reduce the cold from cold windows.

• Keep furniture, curtains, lint and other objects away from heat sources.

• Set timer controls and programmable thermostats. Some older thermostats may not have an internal clock and must be adjusted manually.

• Winterize the home by finding and sealing leaks and replacing older, less energy-efficient gas appliances.

• Repair windows that do not close properly and replace single-pane windows with more efficient windows.

When temperatures drop well below freezing, as many customers in northern Illinois now do, Nicor’s infrastructure has the capacity to deliver safe natural gas through our modernized pipeline system and facilities. of storage during the colder months of the year.

Energy assistance for customers

Nicor ​​Gas is committed to ensuring our customers not only the clean, reliable energy they expect and deserve, but also options and resources to help them manage their monthly bills. Last year, the company provided more than $ 47 million in energy assistance to customers through the Low-Income Households Energy Assistance Program, Income Percentage Payment Program, and the Program sharing and energy support.

In addition, Nicor ​​Gas is partnering with The Salvation Army under the Shield of Caring program to provide emergency assistance for the payment of natural gas bills and support for other basic needs, including housing, rentals and groceries.

Energy efficiency resources, saving programs

Nicor ​​Gas also offers several free programs and resources that residential customers can take advantage of to improve the efficiency of their homes while better managing energy use and utility bills. Through the company’s energy efficiency program, customers can manage costs by reducing personal expenses for energy efficiency improvements through discounts and a network of preferred contractors, free home energy assessments and energy saving products, including foam pipe insulation, shower timers and hot water. temperature maps.

For more tips on how to save money and energy, visit or for free energy saving kits and more resources.