One piece of advice could save Britons over £ 500 in 2022 – “not many people know!” | Personal Finances | Finance

Amid rising inflation, low interest rates and the rising cost of living, Britons are struggling to meet their savings goals as one in four adults have not set aside their savings in the past. over the past year. However, Richard Lynch, Managing Director of Suits Me, shared seven easy ways to save money every month with, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

As the pandemic continues to thwart global economies and personal finances, many have started the new year with the goal of starting a savings pot or filling the one they emptied in 2020 and 2021.

While January is usually sales month, many of these resolutions can be forgotten by February.

Mr Lynch shared some easy savings methods that could help Brits save hundreds each month without much effort.

Working lunches

The British are estimated to spend an incredible £ 676 on working lunches, but Mr Lynch shared a unique way to cut that cost dramatically.

Mr Lynch advised all members of a work team to take turns preparing lunch, as this allows people to cook in batches, which is usually cheaper per person, and will stop those cheeky shopping sprees at mid-day.

He explains, “With that, you will only have to prepare lunch once or twice a week, which is a plus. I especially like this one because buying lunch every day can be a sky-high expense and the food can be quite finicky.

Avoid meat and buy in season

Food is a non-negotiable expense, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to lower that bill.

Mr Lynch commented: ‘Going vegetarian can cut your annual food bill by around £ 550 and can really test your creativity in the kitchen. It’s also a good idea to pair it with eating seasonal produce, as it’s always cheaper than out-of-season foods, and since they haven’t been around the world or preserved, they always look better. taste.


For those on extremely tight budgets, Celsius temperature ratings offer single-digit monthly savings, while Fahrenheit readings can help savers save over £ 50 per month.

Mr Lynch said: “You never wished for such cold weather in your life.”

He gave an example based on the temperature forecast for 2020:

January – 6.7C / 44.06F – £ 44.06

February – 6.4C / 43.52F – £ 43.52

March – 6.8C / 44.24F – £ 44.24

April – 10.8C / 51.44F – £ 51.44

May – 12.6C / 54.68F – £ 54.68

June – 15.1C / 59.18F – £ 59.18

July – 15.7C / 60.26F – £ 60.26

August -17.2C / 62.96 – £ 62.96

September – 14C / 57.20F – £ 57.20

October – 10.5C / 50.90F – £ 50.90

November – 8.7C / 47.66F – £ 47.66

December – 5.3C / 41.54F – £ 41.54