PRCC to make education affordable – Picayune Item

By Laura O’Neill

PRCC Public Relations

POPLARVILLE, Mississippi — Finding ways to make higher education affordable and accessible is a cornerstone of Pearl River Community College’s mission. One of the ways the college helps students is through Nelnet payment plans which help to cover the remaining balance after all financial aid and scholarships have been applied to the account.

Instead of having to pay the entire semester balance at once, students can choose to spread the payments over the semester. Automatic payments can be taken from a checking or savings account or debited from a credit or debit card.

The earlier a student commits to the payment plan, the lower the required down payment percentage and monthly payment amounts. To avoid being marked as overdue, all payments will be made by December. Students who enroll in the program before August 11 will require a 15% deposit and will have 5 payments for the balance on the 20th of each month through December. Later start dates are available with increasing down payment required and fewer months to complete the payment plan.

PRCC has been using Nelnet for payment plan options for a few years. It provides a convenient way to ensure that a student’s account is not flagged as overdue. It is necessary to keep the account current and in good standing to enroll in the next semester and graduate when classes are completed.


Students should log in to RiverGuide with their PRCC credentials and then select the Nelnet tile. The system will ask you for the information needed to register, including the payment method you wish to use.

There is a $35 non-refundable registration fee per agreement and a $30 non-refundable returned payment fee.

The business office is happy to assist students with any questions regarding their accounts. You can email, come to campus, or contact us by phone at 601-403-1204.


The PRCC has announced that in-state tuition has been frozen again for the 2022-23 school year.

This is the sixth consecutive year that tuition fees have been stable, an anomaly in a rising price environment. The PRCC administration and board have taken this step to ensure that education remains affordable, accessible and effective.


Pearl River offers a variety of ways for students to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses to attend college. More than $4.5 million in institutional scholarships, both academic and service-based, were awarded in the 2021-22 school year. Additionally, the PRCC Development Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships that students can apply for through a simple application. These scholarships total over $1 million each year and are made possible through the generosity of donors.

PRCC students who reside in Forrest County, Hancock County, or the City of Hattiesburg are eligible for additional assistance through the County Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP). CTAP will cover current tuition per semester up to a maximum of four consecutive semesters (excluding summer school) after all federal, state, and institutional scholarships awarded to a student have been applied .


Enrolling in Pearl River Community College requires just three simple steps:

1. Apply online and have your transcripts sent. There is no fee for the PRCC application.

2. Apply for financial aid, including completing your FASFA.

3. Join ROAR, our orientation program to help you have the BEST experience as a Wildcat.

Visit PRCC.EDU/Admissions to become a Wildcat today.