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Morning Journal / Deanne Johnson Matt Plegge (left) and Tina Frantz, both employees of the county registrar’s office, demonstrate the new high-resolution large format document scanner, a recent acquisition by the office.

LISBON – A year after taking office, County Recorder James Armeni set out to make things more user-friendly for those looking for services and better for the employees who work there.

Armeni took office in January after defeating Democrat Zack Puchajda to replace Theresa Bosel, who did not stand for re-election. From adding upgraded equipment to an additional staff member, the county registrar’s office has made some key additions in 2021.

Now, with the ability to use the electronic registration system, the county registrar’s office can instantly receive documents forwarded to it by attorneys, property companies and banks. Instead of waiting weeks for mail to arrive or the added expense of using an overnight shipping company, the system enables receipt of documents using multiple e-filing providers, currently ePN and CSC with Simplifi which will be available soon.

The registrar’s office can then process these documents and sometimes return them in a matter of minutes, speeding up the time that securities companies, banks, and lawyers can complete their activities such as refinancing, financing, and title work.

Another recent addition that makes things better for employees and those waiting for document processing is the purchase of two new scanners for the office. One is a high-capacity, high-speed scanner, which can easily process large documents of 500 pages or more in half the time. Employee Matt Plegge said the scanner can process 30 to 40 pages per minute, including two-sided documents.

This document scanner arrived at the office after Stark County upgraded their system and contacted Armeni to see if their office needed it.

The second scanner is a large format scanner, allowing the office to scan large cards, dishes and other bulky documents with high detail resolution. These types of documents used to be sent, but can now be scanned in the office. Now the recorder desktop can handle cards and dishes up to 36 inches wide right in the office.

Both scanners are essential in reducing audience waiting times.

In early spring 2021, the recorder’s office switched to new recording software, which gives them the ability to work from anywhere in the event of a health-related or other emergency. Long-time office worker Tina Frantz said documents are saved in two separate and secure locations behind multiple firewalls and security measures. She points out that the software has one of the best firewalls available.

In addition, documents are saved on microfilm, which allows them to be found in the event of an extreme emergency.

The Recorder Desktop has a new, easier-to-use online search portal with a simple search similar to a Google search. The program allows keyword searches. Frantz points out that the software makes the office more user-friendly, making it easier to find documents after they are saved.

Those who need to pay at the recorder’s office can now do so using a credit and debit card, making it more flexible and convenient for those who record or pay for copies.

The office also added another employee and another workstation, allowing them to handle the work of more people and reduce queues at the office. Stacey Buchheit and Casie Davis, two employees who often wait for those who come to the counter in the recorder’s office, explained how some of the changes have improved customer service for those who use the recorder’s desk.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on a lot of the changes we’ve made,” Armeni said, adding that many of the changes came from employee suggestions.

While the office cannot be totally far away in a health emergency or other emergency because someone always has to be there to scan, the changes have meant that fewer people have to come to the office or wait for things to happen. are processed.

Armeni points out that none of this would have been possible without the support of Columbiana County commissioners, who approved the spending necessary to make many of the changes. He also said his office appreciated the help and support he received from the county treasurer’s office. Finally, the office worked with Ben Black, who provides technical support to the court offices and others in the courthouse.

Plegge said the office is in the process of upgrading the recorder’s office website. It will replace the site which has not changed much since 2004. The site is designed not only to make it more user-friendly, but to allow employees to modify and update it more frequently in order to provide essential information to the public. instead of waiting for a third party to do it.

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