RHOC’s Dr Jen Armstrong sued for medical malpractice after woman “disfigured her face and mental anguish from shoddy work”

REAL Housewives Of Orange County star Jen Armstrong has been sued for medical malpractice after a woman claimed she had a “disfigured face” from “shoddy” work, The Sun can reveal.

The plastic surgeon was also accused of causing “mental anguish” to a client who lodged a scathing complaint about the treatment she had received over the course of several months.


Real Housewives Of Orange County debutante Jen Armstrong sued for medical malpracticeCredit: Instagram
The plastic surgeon was accused of having


Plastic surgeon accused of “disfiguring” a woman’s face, causing “mental anguish”Credit: Instagram

According to the lawsuit obtained by The Sun, a woman named Judy claimed that in October 2019, she visited Dr Jen’s office in Newport Beach and received a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment from Exilis around the eyes and legs. play.

The procedure is intended to reduce wrinkles, tighten and tighten the skin on that face.

A few days later, Judy went to a follow-up appointment and received another corrective intervention for $ 2,500 which included various injections in the cheek and eye area.

However, court documents indicate that Judy “was unaware of the need to administer new or additional charges” – although she “expected” Jen, 44, to inform her if such things were to happen. produce.

The lawsuit claimed that the follow-up procedure was due to the fact that “the charges had to be re-administered due to the improper manner and method” of use of the injections by Dr Jen.

She alleged in the documents that Dr. Jen was “negligent” in inserting the charges in the “wrong place”.

“This series of charges was placed too high in the area where [Judy’s] curved skin around his eyes and in addition [Dr. Jen] used a different load than the one originally used and using a different load than the one originally used caused lumps on or around [Judy’s] facial area, ”the documents claim.

Later in October, Judy alleged that her “face had remarkably changed in appearance as a result of these medical procedures”, including a “puffy or fat face” which was “dramatically patchy”.

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Judy alleged that if “she knew then what she knew now” she would not have paid for the date.

She then claimed that she had attempted to get the Bravo newbie and his Advanced Skincare team to “correct the damage” and revisited “many times” to do so.

However, every time Judy visited Dr Jen again, her face would “not only have failed to improve, but rather worsened with each subsequent visit and treatment.”

After claiming that she complained more about her appearance, Dr Jen told her that she was experiencing “normal side effects which would go away with time and subsequent treatment.”

However, Judy alleged that she ended up worrying about having achieved a “permanent-appearing disfigured appearance”.


“As a result of the above, [Judy] was injured and disfigured, suffered multiple injuries, pain and mental anguish, was forced to see a doctor, incurred expenses and was permanently injured and disabled, ”the docs state.

In January 2020, she became so “dissatisfied” and “concerned” with the service she was receiving, that she ultimately “sought a second opinion”.

The second doctor reportedly ordered Judy to return to see Dr Jen – as she was solely “ultimately responsible” for the “damage” that had been caused.

Due to the failure of all follow-up procedures, the client requested reimbursement for the treatments but ultimately “never received” anything, the doctors say.

After having more “magnifications under the eyes and cheekbones,” she claimed she then emailed the doctor’s office requesting a reimbursement of $ 15,000 for all follow-up procedures.


In February 2020, Judy claimed she went to another dermatologist for a cure after not getting the reimbursement she wanted.

Judy alleged that the doctor told her that her medical history of Dr. Jen contained “falsehoods and misrepresentation” due to “sheer negligence”.

The case remains ongoing as the next hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14 at an Orange County courthouse.

Dr Jen did not respond to the Sun’s request for comment.

The reality TV star just joined Real Housewives Of Orange County this season after last year’s cast reshuffle.

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Dr. Jen built a medical empire with Advanced Skincare in Southern CaliforniaCredit: Instagram
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Cosmetic doctor charged with medical negligence in scathing lawsuitCredit: Instagram
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