Rough and not so ready? Small-town Nevada County Fire Department struggles financially – CBS Sacramento

RAW AND READY (CBS13) – It’s the Fire Department raw and ready, and yes, things are tough.

Nevada County’s Small Town Department has already had to cut spending by more than $200,000 and that’s not even enough. But the community there wants to make sure they keep their small town fire department.

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“I have a husband with heart issues, COPD, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and whenever he has issues they are there,” said Rough and Ready resident Josslin Macmenicall.

For Macmenicall and her husband, local firefighters are their lifeline.

“He went there once and they brought him back,” she said of her husband. “So having them here is very, very important.”

“Well, that means security. With the fire danger so high right now, it’s so important that we have people we can count on,” said resident Judy Combs.

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But the Rough and Ready Fire Department is going through tough times financially. Officials say they won’t cut wages, but will have to cut hours and rely on nearby fire departments for backup.

“Hopefully they don’t totally shut it down or we’re all in real danger,” Combs said.

Sheridan Loungway, the Chairman of the District Fire Board released a statement saying:

“The community has really reached out to us and we appreciate it. Neighboring fire departments all seek their attention and support to move forward and maintain top quality service in our district. This is our number one goal. »

“We’re kind of in the middle of no man’s land, that’s why they put it there to begin with and that’s why we need it there,” Combs said of the fire department.

Then there’s a meeting with the union and neighboring districts next week to work out a deal and make sure they have backup.

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“There are a lot of people who rely on them. We didn’t have them before and since they’ve been around they’ve been wonderful. They will do anything, you will ask them anything and they will come to help you,” Macmenicall said.