SMM exclusive: a listed American automobile manufacturer has placed a large 200 Gwh battery order with Gotion Hi-tech _SMM

SHANGHAI, Dec. 21 (SMM) – Leading producer of Gotion High-tech power batteries noted that its overseas wholly-owned subsidiary GOTION, INC. became a supplier to a publicly traded automobile manufacturer in the United States. To further deepen cooperation, US Gotion and the customer recently signed the “Strategic sourcing and location agreementIn the hope of achieving strategic cooperation in the procurement and supply of LFP batteries.

According to this agreement, Gotion High-tech export LEP batteries through the battery production base in mainland China to meet customer demand. In addition, the two parties have also agreed and planned to produce and offer LFP batteries in the United States and have explored the possibility of forming a joint venture. The agreement also mentions that the customer will bear the construction costs, equipment purchase costs and other expenses of US Gotion to establish an electric battery factory in the United States through an advance payment method. . The deposit will be used for deductions or for the construction of joint venture factories in the future.

At the same time, based on the supply agreement between the two parties, the automaker is expected to purchase batteries totaling at least 200 Gwh from US Gotion from 2023 to 2028.

However, the ad mentioned that he was a large automotive company listed in the United States and the world’s leading car manufacturer in terms of market value . It has sound performance capabilities. At the same time, the company did not complete a transaction with Gotion in 2018-2020. Considering that the company buys LFP batteries, and among the top ten car manufacturers in the world in terms of market value, only Tesla, GM and Ford meet the above conditions.

For this transaction, Gotion High-tech said that the large order indicates the customer’s recognition of the company’s R&D, management and processes, and if the agreement is fully fulfilled, it will boost the future operations of the company. the company during the relevant year, will accelerate its internationalization process, and consolidate its position in the industry, which is in line with the company’s long-term development strategy and the interests of shareholders.