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Announcement from the Office of Representative Marilyn Strickland.

Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland (WA-10), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed S. 1605, the bipartite and bicameral text of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2022 by a vote of 363-70. The NDAA includes more than ten steps Strickland has made to support service members and their families at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) and across our country to address housing security, hunger, and more.

“Investments in military personnel and their families are an investment in the readiness of our country. Every defense budget must demonstrate that we value service members and their families, like those at Joint Base Lewis McChord, who sacrifice so much to keep us safe, ” said MP Marilyn Strickland (WA-10). “I am pleased to have secured several provisions in this year’s NDAA to address housing security, hunger and help all service members and their families thrive. The victories of this agreement will serve as a solid foundation to build on as we continue to fight against housing in high cost areas, food insecurity, racial equity, extremism and more. As this deal heads to the Senate, I am proud to have worked with President Smith and my colleagues to advance a defense budget that supports our national security, military survivors of sexual trauma, a well deserved for the military and critical steps to address housing and hunger issues.

“I am proud that this year’s NDAA includes transformational political reforms that will benefit our military and their families, address the military sexual assault crisis, and deliver results to the other national security priorities of the American people.” I would like to thank Congresswoman Strickland for her tireless work on our committee to ensure a defense bill that meets the critical needs of servicemen and their families, including military hunger, security of the housing and other priorities, in Washington and across our country, ” said President Adam Smith (WA-9). “The swift passage of Section 1605 by the Senate and the signing of President Biden will strengthen our national security by giving these crucial reforms the force of law.”

Several of Strickland’s priorities were included in the bicameral and bipartite FY22 NDAA agreement, which passed the House yesterday, ten of which are listed below:

  • Military Basic Needs Allowance – The bill contained compromise language related to the Military Hunger and Prevention Act, which MP Strickland co-led. Compromise language authorizes the Secretary of Defense to pay a basic necessities allowance to a qualified member. This is the first step in addressing food insecurity among military personnel and military families, but it is only the first step.
  • Support a Fair Housing Allowance for Military Families: The Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) is a United States-based allowance intended to provide uniformed members with fair housing compensation based on the costs of housing on local civilian housing markets. The Strickland Amendment would commission a study to determine whether BAH is currently sufficient to support the average military family size broken down by armed strength, rank, and military housing area.
  • Support off-base housing solutions by reviewing the rental partnership program: The Strickland Amendment directs the Department of Defense to evaluate the Rental Partnership Program, which provides information and resources on off-base housing, including program participation and awareness among service members and their families, and whether Congress should provide dedicated funding for the program.
  • Protect Military Members from Unreimbursed Moving Expenses: Members and their families move every 2-3 years, and military families can spend thousands of dollars on moving expenses, some of which are non-reimbursable. The Strickland Amendment directs the Secretary of Defense to submit a report on the unreimbursed moving expenses incurred by members of the armed forces and their families by branch, rank and area of ​​military habitation, to examine the root causes of the unreimbursed expenses and establish a policy on this issue.
  • Review of wait times for on-base housing: The Strickland Amendment addresses the wait times military families experience to enter housing at JBLM and on bases in competitive housing markets through our country, and directs the Department of Defense to provide a briefing on the wait for housing located on military installations in competitive housing markets, create a strategy to meet housing demand, and determine the cut-off times for housing. acceptable wait.
  • Connecting Military Families with Local Nonprofit Services: In many communities near military installations, there are nonprofit providers who can help military families find affordable housing and provide support. ‘other additional services required. However, families are not always aware of these services or may have difficulty accessing them. The Strickland Amendment directs the Secretary of Defense to submit a report on how and to what extent commanders of military installations connect military families with nonprofits and local government entities that provide military services, including housing assistance.
  • Review of Temporary Accommodation Reimbursements When Moving to Competitive Housing Markets: Strickland’s Amendment Orders Defense Secretary to Submit Report on Extent Military Families Know and Access Settlement Reimbursements spouse on trips when looking for new accommodation before a permanent change of resort. It also examines whether giving military personnel and their spouses a maximum of 10 days of reimbursement per day is appropriate given the time needed to secure housing in highly competitive housing markets, such as the area around JBLM. .
  • Support employment of military spouses and fight discrimination in employment: Strickland amendment demands report on employment discrimination against military spouses in civilian labor market and any solution policy that could prevent such discrimination.
  • Obtaining $ 4.8 million for Procurement Technical Assistance (PTAC) Programs – This funding will help Thurston County Economic Development Council and other programs across our country as they support companies pursuing contracts with the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, state and local governments and with government contractors.
  • Supporting local employers – MP Strickland has supported language ensuring that the advanced degaussing system is built into any Arleigh Burke-class destroyer purchased in FY2025 or any subsequent fiscal year under a covered contract.
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The NDAA FY2022 also:

  • Ensures a 2.7% salary increase for the military
  • Extends parental leave, childcare and improves mental health care services
  • Makes historic and significant changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice to address sexual assault and related crimes in the military
  • Investing in Historically Black Colleges and Universities to Help Create More Diverse Armed Services
  • Makes key investments to address the threat of climate change and build energy resilience.

A summary of the provisions of NDAA FY22 is available here.

Strickland is a strong advocate for military members, military families, defense communities and veterans in Congress. Strickland co-led the introduction of the bipartisan Military Law on the Prevention of Hunger to help low-income military families living with food insecurity make ends meet. In June, MP Marilyn Strickland co-led the entire Washington House bipartisan delegation in sending a letter urging the US Department of Veterans Affairs to take immediate action to address the systemic issues plaguing the veterans health care system. In May, Strickland made a statement to the Veterans Committee, to shed light on the delays and communication breakdowns experienced by veterans living in Washington’s 10th Congressional District as part of the VHA’s Community Care program. In March, Strickland co-directed a letter to President Biden urging increased funding for the Community Defense Infrastructure Program (DCIP), which would allow investments to improve the quality of life, resilience or military value of military families, including at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. In July, Strickland secured the inclusion of $ 75 million in funding for DCIP in the Fiscal 22 Defense Appropriations Bill. She also led her fellow Members of Congress to Korean origin at introducing a bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Colonel Young Oak Kim in recognition of his extraordinary heroism, leadership and humanitarianism.

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