The Board of Directors approves the preliminary budget 2022-23 | News, Sports, Jobs

SHERBURN – The Martin County West School Board met Monday evening with a business session prior to the regular meeting. The board approved the consent program which included: the hiring of summer teachers and summer maintenance workers; hiring teachers, Chelsea Brolsma, Jenna Steele, Carter Wille, Carolyn Kascht, Teresa Jensen, Heather Leiding, Ryan Melkert, Courtney Fritz and Jacob Helmstetter, for the 2022-2023 school year; accept the resignations with regret for Michael Slaba, Logan Pankonin and Tony Nelson; Welcome to MCW Jr./Sr. secondary school principal, reassigning Michele Baker as principal of Trimont Elementary School and reassigning Nickole Bowie as principal of Sherburn Elementary School with the duties of director of community education.

In other actions, the board approved the draft 2022-23 budget with income of $10,000+ and expenses of $11,000+ and a balance of minus $617,000. Board comments were that everyone knew things were going to be uncomfortable and difficult for a year or two and that the long term plan needed to be maintained and worked on. All agreed that they did not want the cost to be less for students, but the potential consequences must be considered. Some plans for next year include reducing pool management hours, adding a part-time secretary, adding two kindergarten paraprofessionals, and following up on strategic planning initiatives for the facilities. , the social-emotional learning program, the adoption of the curriculum and the three-year bus transport plan for preschool.

Covid funds will be used for the part-time high school counselor and part-time high school nurse and the social-emotional learning program. Some planned savings were music teacher, listener, and increased fees.

The asbestos removal plans for the Welcome School building have been approved. The council gratefully accepted donations for the Walton’s Hollow Children’s Zoo; Snacks from Keya Ricard, Scott Morrow and Matt Owens; and a donation to the FFA from the Land o Lakes Foundation and the Central Farm Service Foundation of $500 each. They approved the cooperative sponsorship of women’s volleyball with Blue Sky Charter for the 2022-2023 school year and also approved an online student application to compete in volleyball at MCW.

Reports by Michelle Baker and Autumn Welcome included plans to implement staffing increases covering surcharges, licensing, and advertising (some out-of-state). CER Director Nickole Bowie spoke about planning a new ECFE survey and hoped there would be more participation in the ECFE. ECFE also needs some advisory board members.

The next Martin County School Board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on July 18.

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