Town of Stonecrest to reorganize services and move from contract service to in-house staff after Council approves 2022 budget – On Common Ground News

STONECREST, GA –– Stonecrest City Council unanimously passed its budget for fiscal 2022 (FY22) with little fanfare last month, but next year’s budget marks a milestone for the city as it is that it shift from contractual services to internal staff to meet the needs of the community. The $ 13.7 million budget for FY22 is more than a spreadsheet balancing income and expenses. It puts actions behind the elected leaders’ desire to be a “world class city”.

“This budget focuses on residents and the priorities identified and ranked by the mayor and council to better serve them,” said Acting City Manager Janice Allen Jackson. “We looked at a long list of wants and needs, such as writing an economic development master plan, creating more opportunities for community engagement through town halls and other activities, filling to our calendar with special citywide events to build community pride and the addition of specialist studies to continue Stonecrest’s momentum. By focusing on best management practices to help us balance these priorities, we are well on our way to achieving world-class city status.

One of the challenges was to estimate staffing needs while setting standards for service delivery. To this end, certain departments will be reorganized – the activities and programming of parks and recreation will be under the aegis of a new recreation department which will also oversee special events, and the management of the City’s IT contract will be entrusted to the department. communications. New positions will also be added to help residents connect with the City, and longer-term goals will be explored or planned.

“We are adding specific staff to community engagement to create stronger opportunities for our residents to get involved, from planning and zoning open houses to district town halls to feedback on general planning efforts.” said CFO Gia Scruggs. “We have also earmarked funding for a public safety study to further examine the pros and cons of creating a city police department, and as part of our engineering allocation, we are planning a study to help determine the feasibility of our own public works department. . “

The city administration will follow best management practices as internal staff will begin to manage and implement most of the city’s day-to-day services. During the first half of the year (Q1 and Q2), staff will closely monitor service delivery, resources, and organizational issues to assess any need for changes that may shift resources through budget adjustments. in the middle of the year.

The budget was originally released for public review on October 25, 2021 and approved by city council on November 10, 2021.

The budget is available for review on the City’s website here and on the Finance Department’s web page.

Since the board approved the budget, executive leadership can work transparently towards the transition and other changes slated for 2022, officials said.

“We appreciate the continued support from the community as we work together to be a world class city,” the administration said in a press release issued on December 20.

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