Types of Bone Fractures Caused by Car Accidents

Bone fractures caused by car accidents range from mild to severe and may or may not result in massive expense. Serious bone fractures can lead to financial loss due to long-term medical bills, lost wages, and hampered job performance. You may not have to let this happen to you if the car accident was caused by another driver. Contact an auto accident attorney in Jackson to find out how to file a lawsuit for your injuries.

The most common bone fractures caused by car accidents

The violent forces of a car accident can lead to a multitude of injuries, including broken bones. These can be among the most painful injuries next to burns. One of The most common types of car accident bone fractures involves the femur followed by the humerus, spine and skull.

This makes bone fractures of the leg and arm the most common types of fractures caused by car accidents. Spinal and skull fractures are the second most common and can lead to further damage to the spinal cord and brain. Sharp bone fragments can easily damage the spinal cord, leading to paralysis, or the brain, leading to brain damage.

Moderately common bone fractures associated with car accidents involve the ribs, tibia, fibula, and pelvis. The tibia and fibula make up the lower legs. Rib fractures are dangerous because they can lead to perforation of the lungs. This can lead to breathing difficulties and can become fatal if left untreated.

Less common bone fractures caused by car accidents include the collarbone, ulna, radius, foot, hand, and shoulder blade. The collarbone is the bone that helps support the shoulders, the ulna and radius make up the forearm, and the shoulder blade is also known as the scapula.

Hand and foot fractures can cause someone to miss work depending on the demands of their job. Severe enough hand fractures can result in permanent impairments that can lead to job loss.

How much can I be compensated for a bone fracture?

The amount you can be compensated for your broken bones depends on the severity of your injuries. Mild bone fractures that heal within a few weeks can earn you compensation for medical expenses. Moderate to severe bone fractures that result in long-term medical care and medical complications could earn you additional compensation.

There are two main types of compensatory damages offered when the other driver was partially responsible for the car accident. Economic damage includes medical expenses, material damage to your vehicle and loss of income. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of consortium.

Consider contacting an auto accident attorney in Jackson if you are ready to seek compensation. An experienced lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to increase your chances.

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