What does a college basketball scholarship include?

College basketball is run by three national sports associations, the NCAAthe NAIA and the NJCAA. These three organizations determine all the rules surrounding college basketball and all its aspects, as well as govern all student-athletes‘ Needs.

A crucial part of these aspects is regulating sports scholarships that different schools can offer. the NCAAwhich is the National Collegiate Athletic Association, controls much of the funding for those basketball scholarships that don’t rely solely on athletic talent.

In addition to the type of scholarship at hand, academic requirements can constitute a large part of a the coach’s decision to offer more and better scholarships for student-athletes. The two types of basketball scholarships are: a scholarship and an equivalence scholarship.

In NCAA Division 1student-athletes receive scholarships, which are full ridesas are the coaches obliged to offer onlyfull» Men’s and Women’s Basketball Scholarships.

These scholarships cover all college fees, including tuition and fees, lodging, booksetc However, they are one year contracts which are not guaranteed for the four years of university. Each year, the scholarship must be reconsidereddepending on several factors, such as academic performance, workout changes Where injury.

At Division II, NAIA(National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) which are two separate governing bodies of college athletics, and JUCO (Junior University College), student-athletes can receive equivalence scholarships.

These are basically partial scholarships that coaches are given to distribute to as many athletes as they wish. So according to the program, some student-athletes will receive partial scholarships, which partially cover tuition fees, room and board and all other expenses included.

NCAA Basketball Scholarships by Division Level

Divisional level Number of teams Total number of athletes Average team size Limit of scholarships per team grant Limit type
NCAA D1 353 5,522 16 13 effective
NCAA D2 313 5,251 17 ten Equivalence
NCAA D3 446 7,767 18 N / A
NAIA D1 93 1,864 20 11 Equivalence
NAIA D2 137 2,752 21 6 Equivalence
JUCO 430 6,352 15 15 Equivalence